Paticlar international ventures limited is a Limited Liability Company, fully registered (incorporated) under the Company and Allied matters Acts 1990 on the 3rd day of March 2005 and headquartered in Port Harcourt, rivers state, Nigeria.

In the last seven (7) calendar years, our core areas of competence include but not limited to
1. Engineering, procurement and construction (EPC),
2. Customized technical and technology transfer,
3. Security services.

Current realities in Nigeria's development dynamics, especially in the Oil and Gas, and power sectors have made in incumbent on Paticlar to engage in strategic partnership with Directional Drilling Projects Holding (PTY) of South Africa, who are very competent in horizontal directional drilling technology in Africa, as these gas pipes essentially need some depth under earth/swamp to insulate them from sabotage, vandalism, etc.
Additionally, we also executed partnership with Axelspace Corporation of Japan - manufacturers of Nano-satellites, who in close consultation and collaboration with Clients develop customized specification of Nano-satellites that are optimized to meet salient Technical, security and Business needs.

Featured Drilling Service:
Directional Drilling
Partnerships and Affiliations

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